Program: B.Sc. Agriculture
Semester: 1st Sem.
Title File
Principles of Agronomy (AGR 101)
Introductory Genetics(PLB 101)
General Biochemistry (BCH 101)
Principle of Economics (AEC 101)
Introductory Animal Science (LPM 101)
Fundamentals of Soil Science and Geology(SSC 101)
Introductory Horticulture
Semester: 2nd Sem.
Title File
Cereal Crops (AGR 102)
Introductory Crop Physiology(PPH 101)
Farm Management and Production Economics (AEC 102)
Ruminant Production (LPM 102)
Soil Fertility, Fertilizers and Integrated Nutrient Management(SSC 102)
Introductory Agrometeorology(AMT 201)
Rural Sociology (EXT 101)
Ornamental Horticulture(HRT 102
Semester: 3rd Sem.
Title File
Principles of Aquaculture (AQU 201)
Introductory Entomology (ENT 201)
Grain legumes and Oilseed Crops (AGR 203)
Introductory Plant Pathology(PLP 201)
Agricultural Microbiology(MIB 201)
Crop Diseases and their Management(PLP 302)
Pig and Poultry Production (LPM 203)
Fundamental of Agriculture Extension (EXT 202)
Fruit and Plantation Crop Production(HRT 203)
Semester: 4th Sem.
Title File
Agricultural Statistics (AST 201)
Principles and Practices of Integrated Pest Management (ENT 202)
Introductory Plant Breeding(PLB 202)
Commercial Crops (AGR 204)
Environmental Science and Agroecology(ECO 201)
Animal Nutrition and Feeding Practice (ANU 201)
Soil Physics, Genesis and Classification(SSC 203)
Vegetable and Spice Crop Production(HRT204)
Semester: 5th Sem.
Title File
Principles and Practices of Seed Technology (AGR 305)
Economic Entomology (ENT 303)
Molecular and Population Genetics(PLB 303)
Agriculture Marketing and Cooperatives (AEC 303)
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants(ECO 302)
Principles and Practices of Animal Breeding (ANB 301)
Agricultural Communication (EXT 303)
Introductory Soil Conservation and Watershed Management(SSC 304)
Semester: 6th Sem.
Title File
Social Mobilization and Community Development (EXT 304)
Postharvest Horticulture(HRT 305)
Industrial Entomology (ENT 304)
Introductory Resistance Breeding(PLB 304)
Weed Science (AGR 306)
Mushroom Cultivation(PLP 303)
Fodder Production and Pasture Managemnt (ANU 302)
Farm Power and Machinery(AEN 301)
Introductory Dairy Science (LPM 304)
Semester: 7th Sem.
Title File
Principles and Practices of Farm Water Management(AEN 402)
Agroforestry(HRT 406)
Farm structures and Surveying (AEN 403)
Learning for Entrepreneurial Experience (LEE 401)
Introductory Biotechnology and Biodiversity(BIT 401)
Agriculture Project Planning (AEC 404)
Agro-biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change(ECO 403)
Applied Human Nutrition (ANU 402)
Semester: 8th Sem.
Title File
Animal Health (VMC 401)
Learning for Entrepreneurial Experience (LEE 402)
Agribusiness Management (AEC 405)